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I hate to be a Debbie Downer, yet lately my thoughts have been consumed with illness and dying. March started a writing challenge, a glimpse into my life. Well my March life has been about dying… right… ?

February 26th
Gramps had an ok day. Had a conversation with Grandma.
Gpa: Patsy, I just played 9 holes
Gma: Oh Bob, that’s wonderful. Maybe next time you play, I can play with you.
Gpa: No Pat

later that day

Gpa: Patsy, I had a Manhattan.
Gma: Sounds great Bob, next time you have one, will you share it with me?
Gpa: No Pat.

The next day

Grandpa passed away.
Grandma realized that Grandpa’s next golf game was for Members Only.

Cue the tears, the hugs, the I Love Yous… cue the laughter, wait what, the laughter? Oh yes the laughter, the memories, the stories, the Johnson inside jokes, the Bob-isims.

Cue the comments:
“This is the happiest wake I have ever been to”
“Your family is hilarious”
“Wow a lot of people really love him don’t they”
“Does EVERYBODY know the story about 9.28.95?” (Grandpa got a Hole in One that day!)
“You guys really love each other, don’t you?”

Yes, yes we do love each other. And we are sad to lose the patriarch of our family. But so happy to have a family, a large family, of best friends.

So I guess life’s lessons are all about perspective. Bad things happen. And its ok to be sad. But it is also a good idea to take a moment to listen and to watch as love happens.

Tomorrow I will write with a clear mind.  A new topic with a new perspective.

“Take care of Grandma, and of each other. I love you. I’m going golfing”