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It is 6:30am. Bags need to be packed, Aidan needs to get dressed, teeth need to get brushed, car needs to be warmed up, dog needs to be let out…


A 6 month old baby just took hold of your finger.  He is smiling at you with eager eyes, “Mama, I miss you all day. I’m here now. Lets play!”

I squeeze Noah, kiss his perfect chubby cheeks, his 10 beautiful fingers and tickle that round, round belly! And then there it was, that laugh. That can’t catch your breath, throw your head back, make your eyes cry, feel it in your soul, most perfect baby laugh! I live for that laugh!

“Mama! Ruck!”  Aidan’s sweet, not quite 2 year old voice calls from the bathroom. Noah and I go to investigate.  I can’t help but smile when I find Aidan sitting on his potty – PJs still on – reading his favorite Truck book. Oh this boy and his trucks. “Nono! Ruck! Mama, down!” So I stop. I stop and I sit. Right there in the bathroom with my baby and my not quite 2, truck loving perfect little boy and we read. We read the entire truck book on the bathroom floor and I never once looked at the time.

The day must go on though.  So on went the play clothes, teeth got brushed, bags got packed, dog let out, car warmed up and off we went to day care.

I miss my babies, but I love my job. I am so happy that I took time today to stop being the brown crayon and to cherish the moment with my perfectly round baby and my not quite 2, perfect little boy.