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I have always loved to write, but I have not always loved my writing.  The more I teach young writers, the more I  understand my writer self a bit more.

I am a “quick write” writer, a “get it all down on paper” writer, an emotional writer.  I know editing is important, I know technique is important, I know crafty components make a piece more appealing. But I like free verse, I like emotional blurts, I like to say what I need to say and not over analyze a piece too far. (and then my teacher self cringes at the errors) And yet, I force my 9 year old writers to list, brainstorm, zero in and expand, edit, add on, research, edit more, reword, spent WEEKS on a piece of writing! REALLY?!?!?  How unfair is that?!?

What’s wrong with a little 9 year old free verse? Well nothing I suppose – as long as it has purpose. (again my teacher self protests) Slice of Life is really encouraging a battle between my writer self and teacher self. I am realizing that I haven’t always loved my writing because some pieces need editing. Ugh! Sometimes the brainstorming, zooming in, editing and revising really are the key to a great piece. So I’ll try, I’ll try a process piece soon enough. And then I will celebrate the glorious quick write that my students chose to publish.