It is truly a miracle when a couple conceives a baby, when a woman grows a life for 9 months, and then to watch that tiny little human take his first breath. Truly a miracle.

I will never forget my pregnancy journey with Aidan. Little did I know how much this perfect little man would forever change my life.

He is a Mamas Boy through and through. From day 1 its been mama who can rock him to sleep.  From day 1 its been mama who can dry his tears. From day 1 its been mama who can tickle out that hysterical belly laugh. From day 1 its been mama who receives all his extra hugs and kisses. I’m honored to be A-man’s Mama. And I am so so proud of the tiny man he has become.

Today we celebrated Aidans 2nd Birthday.  Today I admired Aidans pure joy as he played with his cousins, aunts and uncles. My heart burst with love as I watched the most perfect exchange between Aidan and my parents.  His adores Yema and Papa. I took video as Dada lifted A up way over his head so that Aidan could throw the basketball into the HUGE basket. The day was a huge success. Aidan was in heaven!

Aidan is no longer my little baby. He is
growing into a funny, sweet, athletic, sociable little boy. And I am happy to say that at the end of the day, Mamas Little Miracle still curls up in my lap for bedtime stories.