Sometimes I feel so alone and lost in this land of motherhood. I try so hard to give my boys a happy, calm, playful, safe, adventurous and loving life. I’ve made mistakes, yes. But I try to recover quickly and learn from my trials.

One battle I just can not conquer is bedtime. It is so unpredictable.ย  We do everything “right.” Ample play before dinner. Healthy balanced meal (well we try anyway) No TV after dinner. Warm soothing bath after a long day of play. Bed time stories and extra hugs before tucking in for a long nights sleep.

Some nights everything is great.ย  Other nights Aidan rejects all aspects of being alone in his crib. He cries out for Mama. My little boy just wants to be held. Am I wrong to hold him? Am I wrong to let him cry? My heart breaks, I question every move. What is best for him? He needs to sleep. I can’t bare to listen to him cry for me.

Some times all you need at the end of the day is a little extra love. So back I go, to calm my sad little boy who just wants his Mama.