I was cleaning out my purse today – desperately trying to find my Debit card that has once again gone missing – when I came across a note. A simple note that holds so much love. Breakfast is on me today. I love you. It was on the counter next to a delicious spread of fruit and bagels.  I was at my parents, my home for 27 years and it was my wedding day. I was moved to tears by my breakfast note. Such a simple, kind gesture from an extraordinary man.

The note was from my Uncle Billy. He lived in Ohio for my entire life and yet is still just as big a part of my life as my Uncle who lives down the road. Always remembering to call on holidays and to send cards and little gifts for birthdays. Never a dull conversation when he was in town. 

Billy and his family came into town for our wedding. They could not make it in for the rehearsal dinner so I had not seen them prior to the note.  I guess the point that I am trying to make, in a very choppy unpoetic fashion, is that my Uncle could have simply slid into town, met us at the church and gone forward with the day.  But he instead chose to take a moment deliver me breakfast with a side of love.

That note meant something.  It meant that I was loved, that I mattered.  June 4, 2010 was one of the best days of my life. And it began with a healthy breakfast and a note.