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Remember the days of dragging yourself home after a loooooong night of partying? The sun was coming up, the birds were chirping and you were laughing hysterically about the free drink you accept from the guy with zero game. Perhaps you even took one quick ride on the Panther before heading home. Those were the nights “I’ll never remember with the friends I’ll never forget!”

I would not change my party days for a minute. A good party is what defines me. I am a loud, energetic person who thrives by socializing with other loud, energetic people. I am a mover, a shaker, a do-er. Truth be told though, my parties days look a little different now. Gone are the nights of all night canoe tournaments. Gone are the nights of quarters, circle of death, and A*shole. Gone are the all night dance parties.

Now, after a good nights sleep, I eagerly welcome early morning parties of football footie jammies jumping on my bed. Now, my morning parties are filled with tickles and little boy wiggles and giggles. Now, my 6am morning dance parties are to the soundtrack of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My crowd is still loud and energetic, just a little younger. And definitely cuter!



Today’s Friday Fest of 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and The Wheels on the Bus had me in stitches as I watched with pure joy as my boys played together. Aidan adores his little brother; always making sure he has a toy to play with. He often lovingly yells, “Mine!” making sure everyone knows that Noah HIS little brother, and you better not get too close! Noah’s feelings are mutual. Although he can’t talk yet, Noah’s actions prove his excitement when Aidan is near. No one can make Baby Nono crack up like his big brother! And Noah becomes extra wiggly when Aidan plays with him. Noah is just days away from crawling after his big brother.



These two boys, and their Daddy, are the loves of my life. I’ve gladly traded in my party nights for my party mornings!