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On one of my previous posts, someone commented that I am very reflective in my writing. That comment stuck with me, helped me notice my writing a bit more. Lately, I have been writing before bed, looking back on my day. (although today I am writing at home during toddler nap time) I suppose this Slice Challenge has turned a into an inner self journey. My writing has mirrored my current mood, struggles, and goals. So thanks to those of you who keep coming back, who keep reading and who keep commenting.

I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment for myself and all involved in the March Challenge. It feels really good to commit to something and follow through to the end. I was thinking about commitment as I was running with some other teachers on Tuesday. We were 7 minutes in and I was Done! My new shoes were not comfortable. Calves burned, arches were breaking with every stride. And my hip hurt – seriously, my hip! How the hell old did I feel at that very moment!??!?! Ugh. BUT I did not walk. With the support of my fellow committed joggers, I ran all the way through to the end. Side by side, we all made it to the end of our run.

That run is one in a long list of many to come.  I set a goal to run a half marathon in September. That is 13.1 miles! Crazy. Each time my feet pound the pavement all I can think about my next step and the one after that. I have to finish this run.  I have to cross that finish line in September.  This race is so much more than my running endurance.  This race is about Maci and her fight. So that when she is older she will learn that has had an army behind her, supporting her, doing everything they can to help her fight.  I have to finish every single run I begin, because Maci has to beat Leukemia! She has to! I guess in a selfish way, I believe that with every step I take, Maci is one step closer to a CURE.