Come on, join US! I said to my colleagues. US I said, as if I should assume myself a worthy member of this brilliant writing community. Its fun, I said! You’ll be inspired, I said. Whelp – day 1 and I’m stumped…..

What have I experienced today that should cast a light of inspiration on my dark writer’s blocked mind.

A very long sleepless night.

A busy morning of indoor balloon baseball.

Church and breakfast with 20 members of the Johnson clan.

A shower. Yes, my weekly shower! Thats it!

Ok I shower often, dont get me wrong. BUT I have mastered the art of shower and dress in under 10 minutes. I’m clean and clothed and onto tackling my toddler tasks without missing a beat. But once a weekend I get up early and stand under the HOT shower until steam fills the room and my head is clear. I treasure this shower. Its hot, long and uninterrupted! Its 20 minutes just for me. Its quiet.


nock knock knock – today as I rinsed my hair I was interrupted.  I exhaled, accepted my fate, as I predicted I hear my boys calling Mama. I peered out from behind the curtain to suprised to see my husband dropping off breakfast and sneaking back out the door. Take your time, I’ve got the boys under control. I heard him call.

Wow, he gets it. He gets that sick babies (even as toddlers) need their Mama all night long. He gets that I love my Mama life but sometimes I need 20 minutes to wash away the tired in order to put on my best Mommy face.

Today I faced the day with a clear head. And a heart full of love.

Happy March to my fellow slicers!