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All week long my students have been eager to write. They have created draft after draft. It is awe-inspiring to watch their brilliant minds imagine, dream, observe, and recall memories as their pencils race across the page. We talked about where our inspiration comes from. Whether it be the forever abundant snow piles outside our window, or a mind boggling Math problem, ANYTHING can inspire us to write. Even nothing, yes nothing. One of my students wrote a humorous slice about Nothing! There’s one catch to this challenge though, I told the students, “I am going to take a step back as your teacher. These are your thoughts, your feelings, your observations. You write it, you format it. I will be your spell checker, your cheerleader and your number one fan! But I will not sit and confer and write with you. These pieces are to be authentic 4th grade pieces.” Here I stand, corrected and humbled. My 4th graders has risen to the challenged, faced their writer’s block head on and created Masterpieces!!

I am honored to share with you my very first Spot Light: Student Slicer Jesse Perez  “I was just thinking about my day, and thoughts of my grandpa came into my head. And the poem just popped up! I wanted to turn a sad event in my life into a happy memory. So I wrote it.”

Don’t leave we’ll take care of you.
Don’t leave we made breakfast.
Don’t leave we’ve got cooked fish.

I understand you have to go
Please stay for one more night.

You have to go now.

We’ll spread your love.
We’ll spread your passion.
We’ll spread your ashes.

I’ll see you in Heaven.

~Jesse Perez