ANOTHER call from day care!
Friday 3:15 – Mrs. Weathers Aidan has a 101.5 fever. 
My heart shatters – I’m pulling in the parking lot, be right there.

My boy is miserable. The doctor closes at 4. We’ll never make it to Orland in time. Home. Movies and cuddles. Early to bed.

The routine – set in place 6 weeks ago when the FIRST ear infection settled into our home….

Up by 6.
*Chug a Spark
*Scrub the kitchen. Disinfect the counters, the chairs, the refrigerator, the pantry.
*Scrub all 3 bathrooms.  The toilets the sinks the floors the door knobs and light switches. Replace sick toothbrushes with clean ones.
*Clean the playroom. Disinfect as many surfaces as possible.  Open windows, be gone germs be gone!
*Wash all things day care. Push start on the laundry, disinfect the laundry room!
*Wash floors in kitchen and hallway.
*Spray Lysol everywhere!
*Noah is awake.
*Take a 3 minute luke warm shower.
*Whew, Tommy got Noah.

Write a quick blog post about the reality of being a Mama with sick babies. Babies that I try so hard to protect, yet the curse of Day Care germs is a tough competitor. Going to go cuddle and play with Noah while Aidan rests in his fever ridden slumber. Doctor later….