Up. Ready. Made and ate breakfast.  Meal prepped tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.  Cleaned the kitchen. I’m ready for the grind of the day, but my boys are still in dream land.

Its time for those sleepy eyes to crawl into mamas arms for morning cuddles. Wake up little ones its time for a day of fun and laughter. Of learning and discovering.  Of sing a longs and dancing. 

Mama has to work and leave you in the care of another. Loving care, yes. But still, it’s not me. I know you’ll be happy today.  And I know you thrive from the interactions with your teachers and peers. I know working it best for Mama. But, my boys, please please know this – Mama misses you every day.

Today I wake you up for day care. Tomorrow, please sleep in again, and then tomorrow WE PLAY!