My two Three year old isn’t a baby anymore. “Mama I a big kid” he tells me with the most adorable grin.

My three year old is the best big brother, always looking out for Noahs best interest.  He shows the most sincere empathy when Noah is sad. Even made up a little song to keep Noah smiling. And it works every time. 

My three year old is intelligent.  Knows his letters, numbers, shapes, can read a few words, and his problem solving skills amaze me.

My three year old is funny. “Mama yook at me” he giggles as he wears his sunglasses upside down. “Dats funny right Mama.” We both roar with laughter.

My three year old is loving. Hugs me tight, smacks a kiss even when I dont ask for one, sings his bed time songs with me and peeks his head out from the covers and calls “I yuv you Mama”