I am please to admit that Slicing has taken over my classroom.  My students constantly draft new ideas. I see enthusiasm in their eyes as their pencils fly across the page, filing line after line.  They are eager to share and to comment on their peers’ masterpieces.  New art forms have emerged as well.  Although Slicing is a writers world, my illustrators have grown in number and strength.  Room 16 is bursting at the seams with kids who want to bring their writing to life with pictures and colorful Pop Out Text.  I even have a few Rapping extraordinaires who wish to preform their written beats.  They still need time to perfect their image, but perhaps you’ll discover T-O and B-T as the next YouTube sensation.  Until then, I am proud to highlight an emotional writer, a 9 year old who is wise beyond her years and often shows her passion for others through her writing.  Today’s piece is a sweet poem about something we are all wishing for – Spring!  It was published after a powerful Pair and Share session we had with a 6th grade class. A special thanks to Angel for working with Shaiana Sims on the poem Wake up! Wake up! “I wanted the snow to melt and for Spring to come.  So I wrote a poem to express my feelings.  I think I did a good job because I used strong words.” ~Shaiana

Wake up! Wake up!

Snow is melting.
Flowers are blooming.
Everybody Wake Up! Wake Up!

Spring is NEAR

I feel the warm sun.
I see the green grass.
I hear the birds chirping.


Watch out here comes the sun!!!
The sun is taking over the snow!
There it goes! There it goes!

Spring is HERE!

Here come dresses.
Here come shorts.


The grass is here.
SPRING is here!