31 days … not exactly 31 slices published. Humph. This year was a different journey for me. Slicing consumed my daily activities.  Small moments replayed in my mind and rolled into glorious happenings of my life. I took on my day with a fresh view of the world. Emotions, Adjectives, Verbs, and Paint a Picture Ideas constantly ran through my head. I experienced 31 days from the point of view of a writer.

For me it was an emotional journey that was not always published, but treasured all the same. Experiencing death – living after the death of a beloved relative, its tragic. Writing has helped me iron out some lingering wrinkles. 

Celebrating my sons birthday was perfect. A weekend filled with so much laughter and love. 2 days later I walked through the Emergency Room doors of Christ Children’s Hospital holding my boy and praying hard.  I played the roll of strong Mama as best I could. Reflecting on that moment eased my heart.  The piece I didn’t publish about the not so pleasant conversation I had with the Neurology department.  Well that piece showed my vulnerability.  I keep that tucked away, and silently hope that Laura knows how grateful I am that she was waiting for me with open arms, water, chocolate and time.  Time for me to spill out my fears.

Being a working mom is tough. I miss my boys’ hugs and kisses and giggles. I miss milestones.  But they are safe and happy at day care. And I get to teach.  I get to try my hand at molding the minds of growing kids. I get to educate children on not only reading writing and math, but on Respect, Self Love, Teamwork, Goal Setting and Success.

Writing has helped me understand that I really do have the best of all the worlds. An incredibly loving large family, best friends that make me complete, a job that gets me up and moving each day, co-workers I call friends, a home filled with man who loves me unconditionally and whom I love even more, and 2 perfect little boys who call me Mama.

How lucky am I to be living the life I’ve always imagined.

Cheers to 31 days!  Its been a slice!