Oh my Noah!  My perfect sour patch kid. You have dimples like dada and the fiery fight of your mama!

Nobody gives better squeezes than you!  Yet I dare not ask for a famous hug or I will be graced with a powerful NO, I NOT WANT TO SQUEEZE YOU.  Picking you up from day care is the greatest joy!  Bursting with energy, full speed ahead you barrel into my arms declaring – I miss you all day Mama!!! My heart is full.  Reviewing your daily chart I noticed you didn’t sleep during nap.  Curious I ask you, Nonos did you nap today baby?
You look me in the eye and state very matter factly  – Nope!
I tip toe towards the danger zone of questioning you – Why not baby?
Cause I not want to!
Whelp there it is, the end of the conversation.

Hurrying to the car you stop me mid stride – Mama it’s chilly out, you have to put your hood up. I save you Mama. I melt in the freezing cold as you gently cover my head and kiss my nose. Safely to the car I offer you assistance as you clumsily climb up to you car seat. You answer back with a stiff arm and a firm – I do it by myself!

Once home we cuddle on the couch.  You pull my arm around your body and snuggle in close. I pause and remember this moment. Truly one of my most favorite parts of the day. 

The evening is filled crashes as you sing us songs, then throw the mic, build magnificent towers then abruptly knock them down, politely clear your dinner dishes then launch them into the sink.

My Nonos. You are a self determined, perfectly cuddly bundle of energy. You are my pride and joy. I love you baby boy!