It’s very rare that it surprises me. My body can sense it’s arrival.  But today, today I was happily surprised.

I generally welcome mornings slooooowly. The faint buzz of the alarm turned to subtle banter from Eric and Kathy force me to rise from bed. Honestly I’m usually already awake.  But I lay there listening to the morning show, scrolling through my phone. It’s a few minutes of me time before the grind of the day.

Today, as I indulged in the world of slicing I heard Noah calling me. A rare early riser – I knew he must be unsettled. Groggy I crawl from my dark cave of a bedroom. As I approach the hallway, a faint light shines through the window. Rubbing my eyes I see brilliant pinks, glowing oranges, a vibrant yellow just beginning to rise. The sun! I was  promised clouds and rain this week. Yet this morning I spied a sun rise! A promise of approaching warmth. A promise of a new day filled with hope.

Hugs kisses and covers helped Noah resettle. I walked back through our hallway with a smile. Not a bad way to begin a Monday… happily surprised by the arrival of spring sunshine peeking above the rooftops.