The past 6 years have proven to be anything but easy. Fun! Exciting! Memorable! Celebratory! Yes, but I wouldn’t say easy. So many changes have happened in my life. Yet one thing remains consistent – my husband has remained by my side.

2 house, 2 kids, family tragedies, family celebrations, combined with the highs and lows of everyday life. Life can be very complicated. Marriage can be very complicated, but it is always worth it. At the end of the day, family and love always win.

My husband works very hard to provide for his family. He is a man determined to build a family based on love yet he knows a paycheck is necessary as well.

Through the long work days he always finds a way to spoil me and the boys. An extra 5 minutes of play so that the Lego tower can reach the ceiling – the boys’ eyes have never been wider. Special time in the basement with dad playing hockey – extremely loud shouts of excitement!

For me, I’m spoiled by the daily cup of spark (energy vitamin water) that he leaves on the night stand. He leaves for work before I begin my day, yet always says good bye with a gentle kiss and a cup of spark. Most of the time I don’t even wake up at his departure.  But I know he’s left for the day when I roll over to see my cup. I smile reach for my morning boost and my day starts with love.

Last night my husband worked overnight. So thos morning I woke up, rolled over and No Spark! As I cleared my head to recall the day and his schedule, I sighed. Surrendering to the fact that I will have to travel downstairs to the kitchen to make my own morning spark – tragic.  

Here’s to 6 years of not taking the small things for granted. Because at the end of the day love always wins. Family, love and Spark!