Yo, Mrs Weathers, did you get that Ambert Alert?

Ya, bro, some dude shot his girl and then kidnapped her kids.

Nervous chatter,
Cell phones ON in the halls.
I hustle them into our room,

our safe place.

“Hold up guys, slow down, everything is ok, tell me what you heard”

And 1 by 1, my kids relive the moment an Amber Alert set off Their personal cell phone. Some were gaming, some were woken up from innocent dreams, some began their day with this news. News that 1 mile away from school, their safe place, a woman was killed and her children were stolen.

Of all life’s twists and turns that my kids have experienced, this loop set them flying. They collectively began to question.

Think they’ll catch him?
Think he’s long gone?
What’ll happen to the kids?

And then

an unsettled…

What if he’s close to our school?
What if he still has a gun?
What if someone with a gun comes into school?

Yeah, like Florida.

“Mrs. Weathers, what IF someone with a gun comes here? To OUR school?”

I swallow hard. Breathe deep.
I say all the things I’m supposed to say. I do my best to remind them that we have discussed this, that we have practiced this. That we are safe. BUT if God forbid something bad does happen, we know what we should do.

And then, a question, from my kids, MY young adult beautiful children.
A voice from the life I am here to protect



So what, we hide in the closet and hope he doesn’t get us?